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:uhoh3: I am a new LPN in a ltc. I have only worked three shifts thus far. I think I mentioned in an earlier thread that I feel the nurses do things the CNA's should be delegated. I gave my first med... Read More

  1. by   LPNer
    Quote from luv2quilt:)
    I am allowed to delegate any duty that they are trained in. They can do things like ambulate, bathe, feed, personal cares, etc.
    Lorraine, are you a nurse?
    The CNAs already are doing these things, it's their job. Seems to me "everybody" gets such a power trip on this delegation thing and it really is a bunch of bolony. How can you delegate something to someone if it is already part of their assignment? Part of their duties? The whole concept of delegation is rediculous. You can not delegate anything that is not within a persons scope. If it is within their scope, it is already part of their assignment. What would you be delegating? Are you planning to chase after them and tell them to do something they have been doing for possibly longer than you have been alive?

    The way I see it, if it is within the CNAs scope of practice, it is within yours. Don't set yourself up for poor relations with your CNAs if you expect any help from them. And you will need help from them.

    I've been an LPN for roughly 30 years, since 1977. I've seen just about everything and I can guarantee one thing, cooperation and an understanding of the concepts of delegation (me the boss you the subordinate) and working as a team make all the difference in the world. You actaully get done in your shift if you work as a team (most of the time.)