Career Question-good place for new nurse

  1. I'm not even in nursing school yet, but I'm already worried about where to start as a new nurse. I plan to get an LPN in vocational school and then get an RN. Is there a such things as a good department, facility, office, etc. for a new nurse to start out?
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  3. by   LPN4U
    I just finished my LPN program in July and passed my boards Sept 24th. My instructors recommended starting in Med/Surg you get more hands on experience there. I'm still waiting for interviews have some lined up next week. I plan on bridging over to RN at my school but there is only 10 slots and I will be highly unset if I'm not one of the 10.
  4. by   pedsnursebs
    Good for you! You have a goal in mind & sounds like you're going for it! I am an LPN with 1 yr experience...I know...not much, but's a start, right? (I'm starting bridge program asap!) Anyway, while Med/Surg is a good place to start for some people, it is NOT for everyone. I dreaded every single day of Med/Surg clinical rotation. It really depends on what you want to do with your nursing career as to where is a good place to start. Just feel out the field & see what works for you. You will get some hands on experience while doing clinical rotations, so do as much as possible while there to find out if it is for you. Good luck with everything!! God Bless!
  5. by   kat7ap
    If you can, get a job in a hospital in a residency position. You will get a lengthy orientation plus ongoing education, usually good benefits, good shift/weekend differentials, and usually some kind of tuition reimbursement.