CA LVNs.Where did u get ur IV cert?

  1. I'm newly licensed and looking for an IV cert course in or around LA that has classes on the weekends. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Here is the link for IV/BW providers:
  4. by   Elleveein
    Yes, I saw that website. Im looking for a personal recommendation from someone who's had a good experience.
  5. by   tempestxoxo
    im going to university of antelope valley in july for mine. may be a ways out for you but it's during the weekend. here's the site
  6. by   tempestxoxo
    oh and it's iv/bloodwithdrawl!
  7. by   SquishyRN
    I went to Genesis MEC in Brea. It's typically run during the weekend, and it's a 3 day course from Friday to Sunday. I thought the instructors were great and the office sent my info to the board pretty quickly. I had a class C designation (certified in intravenous therapy and blood withdrawal) on the board's website in no time.
  8. by   deemonee
    Does anyone have a clue to how long it would take IV certification to post in CA?
    I took the class in May of 2011 and its been 2 1/2 months since. I contacted a person within the BVNPT and he could not give me an answer.
    The thing is, I need this as soon as possible because this is all I need to apply for my RN program and while theres available space, I want to send in my application asap.
  9. by   SquishyRN
    I took my class the weekend of Halloween 2010 and it was on the website by mid-February 2011. So 3 1/2 months, but I wasn't even licensed until December. They didn't send my paperwork to the BVNPT until I showed them my actual license, so really it took about a month and a half from when they sent the info until it showed up online.
  10. by   BeautifulDoeLVN
    I completed my IV/ blood Withdrawal in early June provider told me to contact them if it had not posted to the BVNPT by end of July it's going on 7 weeks and still not posted
  11. by   L&DForMe
    Not helpful to you since Im in the Central Valley, but maybe more CV people will see this. I *highly* recommend Vic The PICC in Lodi, CA.
    Its $300 for 4 eight hour days...we did Tues-Fri. The instructor is very entertaining and makes some of the more boring material easier to get through.
    I did mine at the end of June. I havent even checked to see if mine is showing up on the site yet.
  12. by   deemonee
    Quote from BeautifulDoeLVN
    I completed my IV/ blood Withdrawal in early June provider told me to contact them if it had not posted to the BVNPT by end of July it's going on 7 weeks and still not posted
    Same here, I took my IV certification in may, submission at the end of may, and it has not yet posted online.

    The BVNPT is a mess. There is a contact person at the board who is solely responsible for the IV certification paperwork.
    So I guess I'm not alone in this delay.
  13. by   Karl Farmer
    CA has an option of being certified by an MD or RN, they have a form on the webiste to complete- if you have experience, you may be able to bypass a class, and have someone certify you quickly. I did mine in FL, one 8 hour class, included accessing, flushing and caring for ports, flushing and med administration and dressings for midline and central lines, removal of midlines, and insertion and removal of peripheral lines. After than an RN had to watch two peripheral line insertions, sign me off, then done. After that I decided no thanks to being a FL LPN- with 30 patients, 20 had IVs at any given time, with meds/dressings/admits/deaths/falls, feeding tubes, etc- I decided I didn't sign up for that. I still feel it's far beyong the scope of LPN to do anything but monitor an IV site, even though I was in plamsa collection even before LPN school, so I was proficient. And we aren't paid for that type of responsibility, either.
  14. by   SE_BSN_RN
    I graduated from Mission College in Santa Clara and they gave the option to take the IV cert class after graduation. No other programs do that?