Brand new LPN leaving waitressing job for first LTC job

  1. Well, I've busted my butt bussing tables, cleaning, taking crap, and running around like a crazy person for 7 years as a waitress.... to go do something that includes much of the same! LOL I feel that working in a fast paced restaurant environment has helped me develop good priority/multi-tasking skills, and I'm used to running on my feet and having 'smiling despite wanting to strangle people' type skills. I graduated in August, passed my boards last month and interviewed at one place and landed the position. They offered me 7-3 shift, rotating weekends, full time at 18/hr.. with two days orientation and five days floor training, nurse to patient 1 to 20. I feel very lucky because a lot of my classmates have had trouble finding jobs in facilities since passing their boards.. I am VERY nervous and suddenly feel like I know nothing. Is it normal to feel so lost or worried of sinking or swimming? This facility has undergone all new management to 'turn the place around' and has seemed to improve even since I did my small (1 week clinical rotation) there at the end of last year. What are the best tips, or words you have for someone in my shoes? Thank you!
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  3. by   johnybhoi24
    Good luck with your new job.. Dont worry you'll be just fine.. You're just anxious.. Actually 1:20 ratio is pretty good.. When I was new our ratio was 1:35-40.. AM shift is the busiest shift but you'll get the benefits in the long run.. Its better to learn in a hard way so wherever your nursing career takes you, you'll be able to handle it.. Just remember if you're not sure, always ask..there's no stupid questions.. It's better to be safe than sorry.. Real nursing world is totally different from the book.. You'll see that to yourself.. Dont be too shy to ask question.. I always tell myself i dont know everything but at least I am sure that I know something.. That attitude will help you 😉