1. Last September I asked a CNA to obtain a fingerstick during an emergency while I went and got the transfer papers to send this resident out. Not thinking that she's a CNA. My main focus was helping this resident since she had been in that condition for 2 hrs before I arrived to work. Now I'm up to the board. The DON is lying saying she was notified for a week after. When I reported it that very day. And the following Monday she had me educate the CNA on her scope of practice and apologize. Then i was told by another CNA who was there that the DON had her LIE on her statement!! And i have that on text from the CNA. What can I expect? How can I get prepared for this?
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Stop posting on social media because it can be discovered, especially if your username is related to your real name. People online are nowhere near as anonymous as they think.

    Then, you need to have representation with you at the board hearing- one who understands nursing licensure. TAANA is a good resource for that.
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    I emailed a couple. There are only 3 in my state! What is the average cost btw? I know all attorneys are different but what is round about average?