Assisted or 1st?

  1. Hey guys, I finally had an interview today. It was at an assisted living facility. It sounds like it will be much different than the jail or nursing home. I have mixed feelings on it. It "should" be less stressful than what I'm used to, but sounds like it has more busy work rather than just trying to pass all your meds as fast as you can. Since the residents are more independent there won't be as many treatment and the dreaded falls and it's paperwork are less likely, but I probably won't get much practice on skills that you might get in the nursing home or hospital (which I still have'nt had a chance to do many of them such as catheters and such). The place is nice and the activities director seems friendly, but she only offered me 12-15 hours a week. There is a chance to get more hours later though as they are adding on right now. Then I got a message today from a first call for help for a contingency position to start that sounds like could open open to part-time by the end of next month. I still have to call them back as I could'nt get through today. It should be different too and I think it may be interesting. Not sure what to do as it sounds like they are not doing interviews until next week and the AL did'nt really say how soon they wanted to hear from me or when the job would start. I guess it would'nt hurt to try to work both along with my NH job, just cut back on my pick-up days. It sure would be nice to have 1 FT job, but I do still got unemployment to fall back on in case these don't work out and continue to look for one.
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    No opinions anyone? Anyway I must have took too long to call back the lady from first call as she said they have no more openings for interviews this week, maybe next week. I tried calling on Friday and again Mon. using the ext. number she left, but nobody picked up and I thought maybe it was the holiday weekend. Today it did the same thing, so I called back and talked to the operator and asked for her (maybe I should have mentioned that to her). So then I called the other job and told them I was interested and she also said she would get back to me. So I don't know, may not be offered either job. btw, I've got plenty of hours at the nursing home this week as I picked up anybody that wanted a day off since I was already working 3 days and now I'm up to 5. I never worked that much there before and I'm tired already because of switching back and forth bet. 2nd and 3rd shift. As of right now I don't have any days for next week though...