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I feel like I am the only LPN out of my class mates and co workers that isnt actively trying to pursue their RN. Is it so bad to " just " be an LPN? I am not saying that one day I may not look into... Read More

  1. by   historylovinglpn
    I am not going back for my RN! Am happy doing what I am doing. I actually have my degree in something totally different and my LPN actually pays the bills for my "main fun career". My other vocation doesn't pay enough but it keeps me happy and that's important.

    So, no, no plans to get my RN.
  2. by   vintagestudent
    While in LVN school, it was assumed we'd go on to RN school. I'm okay with ppl staying as LVN/LPNs..whatever floats your boat. I returned to school later in life, so continuing on to RN school will put me somewhere between my mid 50s and early 60s..hmm, I have to wonder if it will be worth it then. For now, I work in home health and still have time to raise the remaining 2 boys in our family, now both high schoolers. All this to say, "we'll see."

    (I'd love to study more in-depth nursing formally, but my hubster and boys need me home at this time. For now, I'm content to be a "mature" independent learner absorbing knowledge at my own pace. )

    Peace in God.
  3. by   CloudySue
    I earned my LPN 3 years ago. I am a mid-life career changer and in my early 40's. I chose the practical nursing program because it was only a year and I didn't have two years to put my life on hold. The plan was always for me to go back immediately for the bridge to RN program, while working as an LPN.

    However, that's not how it's working out. As John Lennon said, "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans." I'm happily married and my kids are 9 and 7, with the little one having lots of anxiety issues, including Selective Mutism. She's my little shadow from the time I get up in the afternoon until I put her to bed before work. I work nights as a home health nurse and I love it. With overtime I can make a pretty penny. I see no reason right now in my life to mix the overwhelming stress of school to my content personal life, and neglect my younger daughter's emotional needs for the hours of studying I'd have to do. Plus with my agency, RNs make no more than LPNs, and I really have no desire to work anywhere else. I don't even feel like sitting for my BLS recertification, let alone sit for a year of full-time classes.

    So... I'm going to enjoy my family, enjoy my job, enjoy my money, enjoy the free time I have, and maybe someday when my girls are teenagers and want nothing to do with me, I'll go suffer through another year of school.
  4. by   heegagee
    I'"m a LPN, with 10 years of telemetry nursing and left to care of my mother with Alzheimer's. I can"t get a job anywhere, Maybe walmart will hire me, that is my only chance of working. :{
  5. by   Butch52
    I am a former LPN who became an RN because of the situation in the 70s and 80s many hospitals would not use LPNS and job openings were becoming scarce. I felt going back to school and becoming an RN would alleviate that problem. I went and got an Associate Degree and became a RN. It did I worked in ICU and CCU and then went to a nursing home because of working mandatory OT and work schedule. Now I am out LTC I am finding that there is no place for ADNS in hospitals almost all the jobs state "BSN perferred" and ADNS are mostly restricted to nursing homes. My question is how long is it before the BSN trickles down to the LTC industry. You will have the ADNS passing meds and giving care which would elimanate the LPN positions. I suggest that LPNS go back and get their BSNS. I remember in LPN school there was talk of making the BSN the entry level for RNS and ADN for the LPN and everyone said "oh no that will never happen" well guess what it is happening. The worse thing about it is that our state still have diploma RN programs how can they justify training diploma RNs who cant even work in the hospital where they are trained!
  6. by   tnmarie
    @heegaee I doubt Wal-Mart will hire you because they know you will leave when you get a nursing job. I was in the same situation and applied to "menial" jobs as well as nursing jobs d/t being unable to find work as an LPN for most of last year. I found a private duty job by the end of the year but I only get about 12-24 hours a week (and I feel lucky to get that much)! I finally decided to go back and get my RN this year.

    @ Butch52 They have been talking about phasing out LPN for YEARS now. Now that healthcare is what it is, they may actually have that option. I don't know if LTC will jump on the BSN bandwagon. No offense to BSNs, but most of the BSNs I know wouldn't go near LTC, especially as a floor nurse. I'm pretty sure my Associates will be enough here (I live in a rural area that is over-saturated with LPNs but has an RN scarcity). Otherwise, I'll be going back for my BSN (which I really don't want to do).
  7. by   ltownsend
    I am a new grad,been working as a LPN for 15 months now I live in Philadelphia,Pa my first job was homecare peds trach&vent making 32$ a hour. The moral of my story is they still need lpn's 32$ a hour plus 112 hours twice a month is not chump change lol I am very proud of my decision n the only way Ill go back to school is if the company I work for pays for it!!!! So to all my lpn's if things are not WORKIN out for you maybe u need to leave that state where u hold your nursing license. The opportunity for us are endless why because most rn's think they are to good to hit the floor n push a med cart or provide am/pm care in a home setting..... Truth be told if you truly love what you do then you'll never feel like its work
  8. by   nurseJimRn
    I have been an LPN for almost 2 years now, licked into my current job, but I'm not making squat. In Ohio most places only hire RN's, and lots want you to have your BSN as well. I have been interviewing schools that I can go to at night, and so far I'm not having much luck there either. What a bummer!!!
  9. by   payitforward
    No! There is nothing wrong with being an LPN!!! No there is nothing wrong with being an LPN!! No there is nothing wrong with being an LPN!!! If you are good at what you do and you take pride what you do there is nothing wrong with you being an LPN. I get so annoyed with people thinking that there is something 'wrong' or demeaning about being an LPN. People ask me why dont I go for my RN, and get paid more money, or why dont you go back for your degree? Well first off, I DO have a degree, in fact I have three- my last degree was in Health Care Management. And actually I make good money now. But money shouldnt' be the primary reason. Do you like what you do? Why did you come in this career field in the first place? Some think when you get the " Almighty BSN" that the "cush" jobs are waiting for you, and you don't have to put in any ground work-Whatever. If that's what makes you happy fine. Why didn't I go for my RN? Because I am ALREADY a good nurse. Whether I have 2 or 3 letters behind my name doesn't make me a good or bad nurse.
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  10. by   FaithGurl93
    I agree payitforward! I'm preparing to take stateboards for my LPN and I'm in college for my BSN but I don't want to continue on for that. But EVERYONE around me is saying "RN RN RN RN" lol. It gets annoying. LPNs are just as important in the healthcare field. Everybody keeps saying "you'll be making bank!, you can specialize". I did have a dream of working in the ER but once I got a job at a hospital as a CNA in the Telemetry unit I find it very rewarding just to help somebody. That's why people should want to be nurses. Yes money is a factor but it shouldn't be the only factor.
  11. by   ionatan
    [FONT=Calibri][COLOR=#000000]I've been an LPN for 9 years. I had intended to obtain RNlicensure, even completing all of my Pre-reqs for an RN program. But I had to leave my RN program after onesemester for various reasons. I found ajob with the VA and could not return to school and keep up with bills at thesame time. Financially, it wasn't apossibility. I work in a physician'soffice setting now and I really like it. It pays well and I'm happy there. I have no intention of going back to schoolbecause I would have to quit my job in order to change my schedule for school. I would also have to retake all my sciences. Iam not doing that. Plus, being an RN hasno real appeal to me anymore. I like theidea of improving myself and becoming a better and more knowledgeable nurse,but I'm not going to quit my job and go back to school to do that at thispoint. Many of the RNs I have met areVERY unhappy with their careers, as are many of the LPNs I've met. I feel blessed to have a job that I enjoy andgood coworkers. I'm not going to messthat up. And to everyone saying thatLPNs had better go back to school because LPNs will be phased out, I agree thatthat's always a possibility. However, it'sunlikely. If you can use a nursingassistant, you can use an LPN. It wouldmake no sense to wipe out the entire LPN work force, but that's just myopinion. Besides, working in healthcareis not my only option. Nurses have many skills that can be used in many otherfields.[/COLOR][/FONT]
  12. by   cawkazn
    its pretty much a must in california. LVNs are beeing weeded out and the pay is not much above min wage.
  13. by   XtallNurseNelly
    California lvn for 8 years with no desire to go back to school n slave away more. It's just paywise it's frustrating. I'd love to accept a recent job offer as school nurse but it's only $20 a hour for 25 hours a week. It's like minimum wage after union dues, Healthcare etc. I may be leaving the whole nursing behind at this point. I know Kaiser lvn nurses who make $30 and up hourly but it's so hard to land