Anyone work at substance abuse treatment center?

  1. I got a job offer at a substance abuse treatment center. My shift will be a-12 hr-shift. Most of the patients have dual-diagnosis.
    Since I'm a newly licensed nurse (LVN), I'm just wondering if anyone know the everyday routine. I know that I will have an orientation, but I'm just curious what my duties will look like. Thank you!
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Four years ago I was working on a PRN basis at a small psychiatric facility on their adult chemical dependency unit. Since this particular facility limited what LVNs could do, all I basically did was pass medications, check the occasional blood sugar level, and participate in occasional group therapies.
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    Thank you for the input!
  5. by   iwanna
    I worked at a rehab back in 1997. I took vitals, did wrap-up group and sometimes helped with the groups, administered the meds, did admissions, pre-cert admissions during UR off hours, and handled crisis calls. I loved that job. Unfortunately, they closed due to lack of funding.
  6. by   dreamgirl333
    Thank you for the info iwanna!
  7. by   acravey
    am in recovery (almost 5 yrs) myself. going thru process of license reinstatement and gotta take refresher course. i have been in a few of those facilities as a patient myself. you can be such an influence in some of the peoples' lives that u come in contact with. also, please remember that alcoholics and addicts are real humans with real issues. its not a moral weakness that makes us drink and use but our bodies and minds react differently than non addidct/alcoholics. there are a lot of issues underneath the drink/drug and you may be one of the first people they interact with. a nurse practitioner in a detox facility played a large part in my choice to go to long term treatment and finally learn a new way of life. you are a special person to work with alcoholics/addicts and people with mental illness issues. best of luck and lots of prayers go with you.