Any LPN's move after 3 years of Rn school?

  1. I attended a University up North for 3 years and then moved to Florida. I have only my Micro class and lab and my clinicals left to be an Rn. The trouble is getting back to school to finish. I have come so far and spent SO much money that I know I have to finish, but if I go to a community college - which seems to be the quickest way to the RN-I will have spent all that time taking "electives" for nothing. When I say electives I mean classes such as Art, Kinesiology and other "filler classes". The universities require so many credits and the community colleges do not. There is also the fact that I have to pay my old University $764- which is what they charged me because I left before mid-semester.I really need to finish school but the longer I wait the harder it becomes. Does anyone know of any credible online courses I can take to finish my Rn? I considered taking a class at a time but what about the clinicals? How do I go about fufulling those without entering a school? Thanks for your time and thoughts-
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    U can look into the college network as well as the excelsior programs. They are at home study and you take clinicals at a local hospital.