Am I in trouble?

  1. I just accepted a temporary assignment where I'll be doing Case Study summaries. I've been a Licensed Practical Nurse for over 25 years and have done many things, even held management positions. The process of obtaining the position consisted of my going through numerous documents to ascertain whether this client had the criteria for a claim that a medication caused them harm, then writing a summary of my findings. Many nurses, some RNs had gone through the same process prior to me and failed. My question is am I within my scope to do this job. The employer and agency know my title.
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  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    If you are using a predetermined checklist of criteria that was developed by a physician or RN then within scope. If you are expected to extract information and use clinical judgement/clinical decision making independently that is out of LPN scope in most states. Your employer won't advise you either way but the BoN won't care. As this can have legal and life impacting effects on the individual claiming harm from a medication I wouldn't even consider this job as an RN unless the data was reviewed and final determination made by a physician.

    Many likely failed before you as this is somewhat diagnostic and generally best left to those with an APN/MD/DO or even a PharmD.
  5. by   CynthiaFDL
    Yes, there was a criteria and the directions specifically stated it wasn't up to me to find causative reasons why the client had this outcome.
    Thank you so much for your reply!