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  1. I am a recent graduate who accepted a position in a very busy clinic almost one month to the day. I wasn't assigned to a provider until 2 weeks ago. I felt it was a blessing that he accept me as "green" as I am. He is plesant and a joy to work for. The clinic I was hired to work at is literally 5 minutes from my home. It was like this job was a God sent. I have been told everyday how well I am doing and recieved many compliments on my interpersonal skills and clinical skills by him and my DON. This afternoon my DON asked me to come to her office when I had a min to spare. Basically she told me that, I wasn't in any trouble or hadn't done anything wrong, that a nurse at another location that is 20min away is having health issues, and she was tired of driving the distance herself the DON stated. She has hired another nurse but due to "child care issues" with the person she just hired she can't work at the clinic that's 25 min away because the hours they operate are 3 ten hour shifts consecutive. My DON asked me how I felt about relocating to the other office and I told her that I wasn't interested, that I was hired for one location and didn't want to relocate. The rest of the afternoon went fine. Since I have been home my DON has called me twice and texted me. I haven't answered her call or opened her text. My heart is telling me she is going to give me the ultimatum to go to the other site or else. I am crushed. I don't want to leave where I am at. I have just begun to feel comfortable. I feel so heartbroken. I don't want to leave, but I don't want to quit. It saddens me and I feel like I'm be shafted because of someone's personal child care issues. I am "older" and don't have small children. Nursing is my second career. Any advise on how to deal with this would be helpful.
    Heartbroken in TN
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  3. by   bjwojcik
    If it were me, I would start by reading the texts and go from there.
  4. by   Twingirl_a
    The text read as follows "please call me when you have a min".
  5. by   bjwojcik
    Well, you have to call her today, if you haven't already. Before you call her you have to anticipate what she will ask you and how you will answer her in an assertive, professional manner.
    If you signed an employment contract, the wording of the contract will be important.
    If she does give you an ultimatum, I think you should tell her that you will have to think about it over the weekend and let her know on Monday. Let her know that you are very disappointed that you were hired for the one clinic, but now are asked to change sites. Good luck.