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  1. Hello All! I just graduated Aug. this year and passed my boards last Sept.2006 but until now I haven't landed a job inspite of sending out my resumes and filling in application forms from companies that need LVNs. I'm getting upset! Because of this, I thought of applying in a staffing/temp agency that hires nurses but dunno how it is like in terms of assignment and most specially the pay. Do these agencies have a cut (percentage) from the pay you get? PLEASE HELP!!!!
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  3. by   IndianapolisNurse
    Most temp/agencies don't hire nurses unless they have a years experience under their belt except for Corrections (prison nursing). I came across an agency that did actually put new grads to work and so that is what I did. These agencies are in it for the money first of all...and you do the work of course. I DO NOT recommend going straight from nursing school into an agency/temp/per diem assignment as I did. It was a nightmare. For one, you don't get a solid orientation anywhere, you are lucky if you even are shown where the bathroom is located at your was AWFUL..the money was great I will admit, but if I had to do things all over..NEVER would I go straight into agency work. Most nurses in these facilites should be grateful for your help, but I found they treat agency nurses terrbily because "we are getting paid more money than they are for doing the same job" this is most of their attitude. That and nurses tend to eat their young..that is also a very true statement. I almost gave up nursing entirely because of this very rapid reality shock because I went straight in to agency..please think twice! You never get a real good solid foundation and you are literally "thrown to the wolves". That my honest opinion based on my own experience as a new LPN grad back in 2003.
  4. by   vnightingale06
    Thanks for the advice IndianapolisNurse! I really appreciate it.:spin:
  5. by   balutpinoysabutuan
    give correctional nursing a try.
  6. by   vnightingale06
    Well actually, there are some opening in the DFW area for correctional LVN but afraid to apply because of the fact (this may sound crazy, forgive me) it is a correctional facility.
  7. by   jamangel
    It's not crazy. I work corrections and before I did I was a little worried. I decided that if I didn't like the security during orientation then I wouldn't stay. Where I work, you can't have any interaction with an inmate without an officer present. Safety really isn't my biggest concern. Sure, in an extreme case a inmate riot could break out but i've never experienced it. Just remember to treat them as human beings and not as criminals because you are a nurse not judge or jury. They remember the kindness. If you work somewhere that trains you properly you will learn how to do that without being taken advantage of.
    Check out the the Correctional Nursing forum. It's not as bad as you think.
  8. by   vnightingale06
    Thanks a lot jamangel:spin:
  9. by   jamangel
    No problemo. Also if you're in school it gives you time to study (depending on where you work).