Advice for a newly licensed nurse

  1. I recently graduated from nursing school in July and became licensed in September. I had a job lined up and have gone through general orientation. I am going to start orienting on the floor soon and was wondering if anyone had any advice or tips for me. This is my first nursing job and other than clinical in school, I have never worked in a healthcare setting. Any and all advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you!!
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  3. by   cyc0sys
    What type of facility do you work at?
  4. by   sdavis911
    I will be working at a Long term and rehab facility.
  5. by   cyc0sys
    Time management is going to be your biggest challenge until you get a routine down. Just be sure to prioritize things e.g critical med times are more important than treatments.

    Plan to go in early for the first few weeks and stay late. This will give you time to get organized, prioritize your patients acute to chronic, and chart at the end of the shift. Accuracy and attention to detail is more important than speed or half assing something.

    Orientation should last a few weeks or until your comfortable working the cart and the floor. Don't let them pull you off before you're ready.

    Know that you're going to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Plan according with family and down time.

    Don't be afraid to ask questions. Keep a notebook to write stuff down like important phone numbers, location of supplies, procedures and processes e.g admissions or sending someone to the ED.

    Speed and clinical judgment comes with experience. You're CNAs and other nurses are there to help. No one is an island to themselves.

    Everyone started out somewhere. No one is perfect no matter what they might say.