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LPN jobs in Utah?


Hi all! I recently visited relatives in Utah and liked it. However, looking at the jobs for LPNs, there are around 40 postings. My relatives are trying to get me to move there. I would have a lot of help, however, I am not certain about the market for LPNs.

I currently live in Seattle and am thinking of moving for a few reasons. I've considered Texas (aside from Austin) because the opportunities for LVNs are greater and the scope of practice seems more permissible than most other places. I've decided to do school elsewhere because in WA state the nursing programs take too long and require more classes and credits than a lot of other places. It's not to sound lazy, but I'll be working full time when I go to school and don't want to make it difficult on myself. I've got some college credits, a lot of gen eds. All I need are the math and science classes.

I would like advice on moving to either state. I'm not feeling too certain about Utah honestly. The information for LPNs out there is nearly non-existent. I've got 2 years experience in PEDs home health so there's that.

I do worry about Texas becoming overcrowded since a lot of people have been eyeing to move there. However, I know the opportunities there for LPNs are better than most places.


I have seen a lot of care centers & home health hiring. However, no hospitals allow LPN's.  Good luck... I love Utah.