Lpn jobs in Hampton roads in Virginia


Hi, I am a new LPN. I move from Florida to Virginia in July. I didnt received my Virginia licensed until beginning of September. I put in about 10 applications to nursing homes since the beginning of September and still no call. I just dont know what to do. I thought it was going to be so easy to get a job because this area is so big. I am from a small time where I took the LPN program, my classmates has already gotten a job. I only have 5 months of PRN CNA work. Do anyone have any suggestions on how to get a job in the area of Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth or close around them cities. Being without a job is driving me crazy:crying2:



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I did a google search and over 1600 replies came up. Type in LPN jobs in Hampton Roads, VA in your browser...alot of places looking...Good luck...:smokin:

Thanks! I wil try that. I put in more apps, so hopefully I will get a call soon.