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I was originally licensed in Ohio as an LPN with IV certification. I relocated to PA and got my PA license, but now I am confused about whether I am IV certifed in PA or not. An employer wants to know if I am IV certified, and I assumed that I was. However, what proof do I have? Does anybody out there know the answer to this question? Do I SERIOUSLY need to get certified in PA to work with IVs now? This state is insane.

I graduated in 1982, obtained IV certification in 2007, and a few months later applied for licensure in FL. My OH license had that I was IV certified and that copied to my FL licensure. Check the BoN to verify the transfer of your OH license with your PA license.

Specializes in Skilled Nursing, Rehab, LTC.

Thank you. I actually checked with the BON in PA and they sent me an email stating that all nurses in PA educated as LPNs after 1990 have been required to take IV therapy training in their LPN program. For some reason they just don't add anything to the license number to indicate the nurse is authorized to administer IV therapy like Ohio does. They stated it was up to the employer to determine competency.

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