LPN and imminent pts


I am an LPN from SC that works for Gentiva hospice. I love to care for pts and their families in the last days of life. My director made me aware that only RNs now get paid for end of life visits. She would not be specific as who won't pay for an LPN to do these visits. Medicare or is it a Gentiva policy. Now I see the stable pts. I can live with it. But my passion lies with caring for pts and families close to death. Does any one if this is a medicare thing? I could also use some ideas such as continuous care ect. I am also looking into a end of life doula course. Will look good on my resume.any ideas or support would be appreciated. I really miss what I use to do.😔

Has 18 years experience.

It is a medicare thing. The hospice company receives more money for RN and SW visits in the last 7(?) days of life? At some hospices if daily visit by SW and RN are coordinated to continue to qualify for the extra $$ and support the family. So no more extra if SW and RN visit on the same day. Do you know what I mean? The hospice still gets the regular payments for anyone showing up, but gets MORE for an RN or SW. I think there must be a HHA payment too, but not sure. 


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Thank you so much for your responce - My boss yesterday said it was a Gentiva policy now I know why the implemented the policy more $$. You Gentiva bought out our old company so all of our policies are changing. The old company used to depend on me every other day to do icing pts. I absolutely loved it. Sad that its been taken fro.m me. But feel very fortunate to be a hospice nurse.