LPN Home Health vs LTC pay?

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I am an agency LPN in LTC. My stress level is on 100 when I am in LTC setting. I get paid $40-50 an hr typically doing agency and picking up last minute urgent shifts. Sometimes I cancel shifts or hardly work due to depression, which makes me more depressed when I don't go because I have bills to pay.  I know the constant stress for 8 hrs while in LTC is not good for my organs in the long run. I have previously done home health as a new grad with adults for $22/hr. Now that I have experience, a pediatric home health agency wants to pay me $32-$35/hr at 40 hrs a week. 


Would you take the home care or stick it out at the LTC job?





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What state are you in? That is a lot per hour, esp for peds home health. 
I make $35/hr peds trach and vent. 

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Pediatric home health agency pay varies by state as peds private duty is most often covered by Medicaid, varies by state coverage.  AN's Private Duty Nursing  forum has most info regarding benefits and pitfalls of this specialty + pediatric home care. Make sure you are working for agency with large patient base to provide orientation to specialty and can switch you to another case if client hospitalized.   Many areas are unable to staff all insurance company approved hours for peds clients. 

Best wishes in a transition, you have nothing to lose by trying it as can return to LTC if not to your liking.

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