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LPN-->RN bridge programs..how to


Has 10 years experience.

Hello All,

I am currently 6 months from graduating my LPN schooling, and fingers crossed will take and pass the NCLEX.

I have always known I wanted to be an RN but due to life circumstances, the best route for me was to do the LPN first and then RN. I am having a hard time trying to find out how exactly you proceed when you want to do the Bridge program. I have sent emails to different schools and to the CT League of Nurses with no replies, I don't have the available time to call anyone due to full time school, and full time job, so I am getting no where fast.

If anyone reading this (or knows of anyone) that has done the Bridge program, could you possibly answer some questions for me.

Do you need to have a certain amount of time working as an LPN before you can do the Bridge? I did read that Three Rivers requires one year, but is that just that school or is it a requirement by the State or whomever is the overseer of the Bridge programs?

Do you need to complete ALL the requirements that are needed in order to apply to the school as a non-nurse student. Meaning, do you have to take the NET or TEAS or whatever entrance exam the school requires of non-nurses who are applying.

I read on the CT League for Nurses site that you have to be accepted to an RN school before taking the online course through Charter Oak School. But then the schools, I've looked at say you need "permission" (for lack of a better work) from the CT League of Nurses before taking the course..

I guess, what I am asking, is what is the process of getting the ball rolling to bridge and how do you go about it??

Thanks in advance for any help or info.


I highly recommend viewing St. Vincent's College website. They have an excellent ADN program which you can easily bridge into after receiving your LPN credentials.

What you would need to do is make sure you have taken most or all of the pre-req's needed prior to applying to save you some headaches. The pre-req's needed are:

1. Chemistry within the last 5 yrs.

2. Biology (Bio-105 or Human Bio-115 from Housatonic or

Gateway or any other Community College) also within

the last 5 yrs.

3. English 101 (can be from the last 14 yrs, if not recent)

4. Intermediate Algebra (Mat 137 - can be from the last

10 yrs but no older)

5. Psychology 101 (can be from the last 14 yrs, if not recent)

6. Sociology 101 (can be from the last 14 yrs, if not recent) or

I highly recommend taking the Clep exam for Soc. due to

the test being fairly easy & will free your sched. so you

can take another pre-req that's needed

7. Ethics (can be taken at Gateway - this is where I took it)


8. World Religions (can be taken at most Community colleges)

9. An Elective such as Ceramics, English 102, Philosophy, any

200 level Psy course

All the above pre-req's w/the exception of Bio & Chem are counted as your 18 credits you can transfer into St. Vincent's (Bio & Chem are what you need to take anywhere which don't count toward your degree.

You can only transfer in 18 credits in total (6 classes) to St V's

Do not take A&P I and II or Micro anywhere but St. Vincent's. Also, do not take Child Psy at any community college either (all of these 4 courses you will take directly at St. Vincent's)

If you have the above pre-req's done or most of them, I highly suggest you put in your application to St. Vincent's before the deadline of Feb 15th to be considered to start in Fall 08'. You would then take A&P along w/either Lifespan Development or Religion or Ethics your first semester, then in Spring you'll take A&P II and whichever pre-req you didn't take in the Fall (Lifespan, Religion, or Ethics)

Being you will have your LPN, you will not need to take the whole 1st year of Nursing courses at St. Vincent's but I believe an LPN transition course then you'll go into your 2nd yr. of Nursing courses.

If you call St. Vincent's, ask to speak to Mr. Marrone who is the Director of Admissions. He is a great person and will help you in any way. I wish you all the best and please look into St. Vincent's. You will not be sorry.

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