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Hi all,

I have my MPH and MS in biomedical science. I also attended medical school for a year. Do any of you know if I am eligible to take the LPN exam? I would like to shift gears towards nursing (MSN--> DNP), but wanted to get experience working as a nurse first. Any insight regarding LPN exam eligibility in IL would be helpful. 



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IL board of nursing requires one to provide:


Proof of graduation from a licensed practical nursing education program that meets the requirements of Section 1300.230;


in order to obtain an LPN license.

LPN programs in IL range form 9 to 12 months. Approved programs can be found here: http://nursing.illinois.gov/PreLeducation.asp

There are entry level MSN programs: Masters Entry Level Degree Program, RN, MSN  that some of your previous course work may be applied to; courses are about 1 yr in length. You can then obtain a post MSN DNP program, cutting down on time to obtain a degree.

Best wishes in your journey.