LPN Essay for Nursing Entrance Fall 2016


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Why I Chose My Career

My personal goals in life have always been centered around my childhood life it seems. For starter when I was around five years old my mother move in her aging mother with Alzheimer in our home. This event was rather arduous since my youngest brother was born with Down Syndrome, and my oldest brother was diagnosis with Schizophrenia by the age of twenty -five. Our home life was very colorful and filled up with hours of chaos to say the least. My mother would often tell me I was born to become someone who cares for sick people”. My earliest recollections of being prepared to become a nurse was when my grandmother died. I was sixteen years of age. One key element for my life long desire to help others and expose them to my wealth of experience was taking care of my grandmother and my other two siblings during my childhood years. My love one's multiple sleuth of medical problems lead me to become their care giver while my mother and father worked long tedious hour for six to seven days a week. My parents and I were truly blessed to have met my grandmother, nurse case manager, Trudy, when this nurses came out to our home the first thing she did was to tell my parents and I that this visit was not to assess my grandmother condition, that had already been done. Trudy's, job was to listen to us and try to help us, to keep my grandmother safe and to make our lives and home life a little bit easier. Trudy, sat in the living room with my parents and I and even cuddled our little puppy. Immediately I felt like a helpful supportive friends have joined our family. Oh, what a difference this occurrence made in my life. Everyday thereafter I would remind my mother what Trudy, had said and what we needed to do to help my grandmother, and try and master not getting upset with her behavior but, tried redirecting her attention instead. This behavior changes my relationship with my grandmother so, drastically I was amazed by how much more fun my grandmother and I would have during the course of the evening and how much more relaxed it made my parent too.

Our family have also spent countless hours with many clinical therapists who provided my parents and I with the most effective plan of care to follow for my brother's illness as well. I have truly learned what works and what doesn't work through many days, months, and now years spend alone with my family members. Before and after school hours was the time I spend during this very job without pay or many complaints. Learning that care giving has to be foster from your environment. As a result, the reason I chose Nursing as my major, started in my early twenties, I pursue a career as a Licensed Practical Nurse in the year of 1989 I graduated from James Martin Vocational School, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the entire nursing program was exactly one year in length. I obtained my licensed when I completed my NCLEX exams for Practical Nursing and proudly I passed the exam, after taking the exam one time. That was twenty-seven years ago, I can't ignore or hardly fathom all the changes nursing has gone through. Well, I have been a practical Nurse for the last twenty- seven years, and the most personal and longest lasting goals to this date. Would be I have always had was to never stop trying to improve myself. And this is my confirmation; I meant to pursue my Nursing career to the Master level. Ever since I was young, I had a love for listening to people and taking the very best care of them too as long as I could remember. As a Practical Nurse, later in life when I learned how to assessed resident for their needs in an advance more helpful way. I thought to myself how much pleasure, I really receive when I provide services that best to cheer up, not exactly solve, but to comfort others. So, I decided that I could possibly take it to another level and actually become more educated and experienced in my career field so that I could be a greater influence to those who I want to help. Helping others was something that came to me naturally in that I have always had a propensity for caring for others and need to reach out to them. Even though I have had such a long and fruitful career in nursing. I cannot imagine myself not pursuing my career to the highest level of proficiency......

Specializes in Skilled Rehab Nurse. Has 7 years experience.

With the thread title, I thought this would be an essay for an application to an LPN program. However, it sounds like you're already an LPN. What are you applying for? Unfortunately, the essay needs a lot of work. There are lots of grammatical errors throughout. This type of online forum is not an easy place to provide this type of feedback.