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How high do you have to score on the LPN entrance exam and is there one online i practice with


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Moved to the LPN Nursing Student forum for more replies. Good luck!


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What test are you taking. For my entrance exam I took the TEAS. I went to testpreview.com and practiced there. I scored very well and thought it was extremely easy. I guess it just depends on what test you are taking. Google the test name and you should find some results, good luck!


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I'm not 100% sure but I think most entrance exams are general knowledge exams. For my program we had to score above 9th grade level. Everything was pretty basic, but they should tell you about the exam if you ask.


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the school I'm contemplating going to requires 2 tests. one to determine if you are smart enough to even be walking the face of the earth; the other is the HESI that not only has the regular math, english comprehension, grammar, vacabulary, but also a science component.

I've found several sites online that give sample questions. but I'll be picking up the HESI workbook to reinforce my studying for this exam.

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well you have to let us know which exam you are speaking of. also, requirements are different for every program. if i were you, i would aim as high as possible. :specs:

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