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I need some assistance....

I currently work full time, as a private home health aid. I am starting a course in Hospice and Palliative Care in a few weeks, but want to expand the level and area of care I give; and because I am not licensed, thought I needed to take CNA prior to LPN. I have learned that what I do know is all in the CNA arena; I am wondering if I will be wasting yet 3 more months of my time by taking the CNA course; and I am having difficulty finding

LPN courses offered part time (eve's) here in CT.

I realize (after too many years) that I need to have the LPN lic. so that I can take the appropriate exams, etc. for RN so I can practice Holistic/Alternative medicine.

Please if someone can help me. I am supposed to regester for CNA classes on Aug. 20th!



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Hi Patty,

I may be wrong here but I think that you can become an RN with out having to become an LPN first. With RN school, you can go to classes part time or nights or weekends. It will take you a little longer to get through the program going part time though. I was a CNA(certified nursing assistant-right?) while in my final year of college. I found it to be good experience and it helped me with my time management and prioritizing skills, which are extemely important in Nursing.

Good Luck!


Hi Kelly,

Thank you for the information. I have found some courses offered via internet from New York and Maine in particular. The local institutes here in CT have been a real challenge! One would think with the shortage and especially in the Hospice arena, more courses/programs would be available nights, weekends, etc. One course in particular that I need to take isn't available until Dec '02!

I think I'm going to re-do the CNA certification and I was told recently that depending on my ability, I might be able to test out and begin some courses for LPN - but they are day courses and I need to keep the 'day' job with my Geriatric patients for now. I will look into the info you were kind enough to forward.

Thanks again for your assistance.


:cool: In what state do you need to have a cna certificate before taking lpn ? I went from straight lpn to rn. no cna.{ actually in 28 years I have done everything there is to do ...... including drawing abg's when I had NO certificate or license at all!!!!!! Anyone else remember those days? }

I'm in CT; and 2 of the schools I've contacted have 'suggested' because it's been so many years since I've been a student, it would be wise for me to do CNA before jumping the ladder! At first I was a bit insulted, I too have done everything short of surgery and writing out (I have suggested however) an Rx - yet no license and now I'm paying for it. Didn't think it would be this difficult to find the courses I need so I can get going on my ultimate goal which is to practice privately as a Holistic Practitioner. I've heard so many different versions and stories right now from schools, institutes, etc., that I just feel like I've been thrown into the ring and have to run it their way. Part of the problem is the courses I need are NOT offered in the evening or weekend and I can not afford to quit working days home nursing so I can go to school straight for two years.

That's the other reason why CNA first, it's offered eve's with clinic on Sat. and again, the school told me if I do well, I can test out early

but then I really have no where to go because even the CNA is offered during the day! I'm stuck right now.

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