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LPN before BSN?

by DlaineyZ DlaineyZ (New) New Student Pre-Student

Hi, I will be finishing my A.S. in Health Science this fall, (basically prerequisites for all ADN and BSN programs) and was planning on applying to a BSN program for the fall of next year. While in the process of completing my Associate degree, I had applied for the ADN at my current school and was rejected (most likely due to lack of math courses), but was granted acceptance to their LPN program. It would last about a year. My question is, would it be worth my time/add value to RN school or would I just be better off transferring & going straight for the BSN? I've read a few posts, and the answers seem to revolve around an end goal and life circumstances. So if it helps- the end goal here has always been to be an RN, and I am 24 with no kids/family obligations. Any help is much appreciated, thank you!

If you have the option, go straight to BSN. I've known quite a few people who felt 'stuck' as LVNs over my career, which is why I chose to go straight for an RN once I decided to go back to school. The degree will help if you are having trouble getting into an ADN/BSN program, but there's so much overlap that it seems to be a waste to take the two sequentially- if you're not working as an LVN for a significant time before getting the RN.