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Hello all,

I have NO experience in The medical field... Is it better to start off with the LPN first.. And than get the BSN.... Or if I was to just get my BSN right off the back would i learn the same stuff as a LPN but just more I'm debt.. I just don't want to go through the LPN program I f I don't have to. Ya know? Because I ultimately want to get my BSN!


If you don't want to stop at LPN then I wouldn't get it. Unless it's something you'd really like to work as during nursing school. If you know you want your BSN then you are wasting time and money, especially because most LPN programs don't qualify for financial aid. But some people have and stopped there because they love it. Some people want to make sure nursing is for them so they do LPN or CNA first

Thank you so much, so basically the education is just about the same? It's just that BSN is a 4 year, and you'll have your RN too? & They both have clinicals right?