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Is any Lpn out there taking the lpn -bsn program in U. of Phoenix? How is like? Any suggestions or tips to pass the classes?


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I would suggest you go to the AZ BON website and check out the University of Phoenix's NCLEX pass rate for their LPN to RN-BSN program in Arizona.

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Lol, didn't they have a zero percent pass rate once?

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Ok, I'm wrong. In 2005 their rate was 49%! Eeks!

I can't seem to find the stats for after 2005-help me out multi...

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Check this out, at the bottom of the first page:


Pass rate by year:

2005 -- 49%

2006 -- 61%

2007 -- 22%

2008 -- 100%

The last year, 2008, has a footnote indicating that only 3 students took NCLEX that year.


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Thanks for your info...I just stopped my enrollment to see how they're going to score this year...

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Besides the woeful NCLEX passrate, there's the issue of the exorbitant tuition. Being an LPN, you should have more options and easier admission with RN programs than pre-licensure students.

Tuition for a community college RN program would probably be tens of thousands of dollars less, too.


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I know this is an old thread, but can someone direct me to the website for their LPN-RN program? I only see RN-BSN, etc. I am looking to make a switch after I finish my current LPN portion of my program.

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