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LPN from Alberta to Australia

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Hi there, I'm currently a student LPN waiting to write the CLPNA exam. I was wondering if it's possible to maybe work here in Canada for about 1-2 years and then getting a job as an LPN/Enrolled Nurse in Australia (I'm not quite sure if there's a difference between LPNs and ENs. But, I'm planning to go to a music school in Australia so I wouldn't be able to work as much. Would I be able to find a PRN Enrolled Nurse job in Australia, or would I have a hard time finding one?

Or as an alternative, would taking a break from nursing (let's say 1-2 years) for school be a good idea? Would it be hard for me to re-license and find a job back in Canada?

And one more thing, this college i will be attending has stated that once i get a student visa, i won't need to apply for a working visa in order to work in Australia. Does that apply to all jobs or just jobs that don't require an education?

Thank you.

I believe if that is the case for the visa you would only be able to work very minimal hours. But contact immigration Australis to confirm.

Get solid experience as an LPN in Canada before you go to Australia. As in 1-2 years, if you go without working and come back wanting to work again you'll have a pretty tricky time considering you won't be new grad or experienced. Also it'll look like your not very committed to nursing if you don't practice for a few years after graduating.