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I am a lpn ,and just received my long term care administration certificate, it is so hard to find a nursing home administration job, and i am so mad that i feel like why get an education if it is going to be wasted.Anyone know what my options in the nursing field should be for employment..


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I'm sorry but I've never heard of that title. What were you expecting as job responsibilities? I don't know how to respond...What kind of educational program do you speak of?

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In my state at least most LTC administrator students do an internship prior to graduation. That is a great time to network and make yourself known to other facilities within the corporation of your host facility and/or get word of mouth going (in a positive manner) about you to other area adminstrators. I see quite a few job postings for LTC administrators in my neck of the woods. Many of them do request experience but some of the bigger facilities have asst administrator positions which are ideal for getting that critical experience.

Network with your instructors, google for professional organizations for administrators and look at their job postings. Make an appointment with an administrator at a well regarded facility and pick their brain. Finding a position in a new field frequently requires a new skill set to obtain a job. Good luck and don't give up just yet.


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