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I'm a LPN with over 15 years experience, mostly in rural hospitals, but I've had the good fortune to work at the Children's Stollery and the Royal Alex (cardio) in Edmonton. My husband works for CN so he is frequently transferred to different provinces, this has never been an issue for me, until now. From AB, to SK, now in BC and unemployed with zero job prospects in sight. This is a first for me. I'm getting stressed. I'm receiving EI benefits, but that won't last forever and according the the gov I should gain employment in 38 weeks, thus that's my entitlement. After 27 weeks I've had one interview. Lower mainland is not hiring LPNs now or in the near future. At least AB has jobs available to apply for online, which is what I am doing now. I know jobs are few and far between (it took me 4.5 years to land a perm part time in small town SK), but I'm hoping I can find something in Edmonton soon and hopefully my husband can transfer. I'm afraid to lose my portability for pay because of no worked hours, even worse, my license. Any advice fellow nurses? I am a full scope LPN, which unfortunately means nothing in BC.

You haven't worked in Edmonton for quite a while. Cardio is no longer in the Alex. Management and staff there have had a huge turnover in the last four years with the move to the new facility.

Every position in Edmonton has at least 50 internal applicants (from anywhere in the province) and casual lines are easily getting 50-70 applicants. Part time staff with .6FTE or less are being hired as casuals by other services in order to make up the hours.

The government has committed to hiring 70% of all graduating classes. Remember new grads cost less than experienced staff.

AHS may have jobs to apply for online but they aren't going to go outside of the province unless you have a very specific skill set and most LPNs wont be that lucky.

In the last year, I have applied for 18 positions and been interviewed for 2. I just don't have the seniority to get the moves I want and I'm in my second decade with AHS.

Good Luck but don't start packing.

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It's the same everywhere clear across the country. I haven't been applying for many jobs yet, but I keep hearing the same sad tales from friends. Depressing, yes....but that's the way things have been for quite some time. I've come to accept it.

I'm fortunate that I have no ties and I live out of a back pack. I wouldn't count on Edmonton at all. Try the small towns in and around Edmonton. If you need to work soon, you may need to look at commuting or living away from home. Many people are having to do this. The cities are just too saturated with applicants.

Just wondering when you last held employment? Your license should be valid for at least four years without a refresher, as far as I understand.

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