Loyola vs ISU ABSN


So I realize these are two completely different schools, but since I currently live in Illinois, I was curious to anyone else who has applied or gained admittance to either of these two programs. So here is the obligatory "here are my stats, now make me feel better about being utterly and completely nervous about getting into any program" post:

Pre-Req GPA is 4.0, but overall GPA from undergrad B.S. degree in Biology/Psychology at Loyola is 3.2. I have worked as a scrub tech for 10 years, put in time in an international medical mission volunteer group and have a VERY small amount of local hospital ER volunteering experience. My last GRE was over 5 years ago, so I will suspect I'll be retaking. I hope to apply ASAP to several schools across the country as I know these programs are uber competitive. My main concern is that several of my pre-reqs were completed at a community college before/after Loyola and was wondering if that is looked down on during the admissions process. The last semester of my senior year (2009) involved me taking a break from school when my dad passed away sort of abruptly a few weeks before finals resulting in three F's. I took a year off and re-took the classes a year later with B's. Although my overall GPA Is not so bad, I feel these two will definitely count against me and am dreading writing an addendum or explanation about this in my application.

Is there anyone out there who has had similar breaks in time they went to school or overall GPA's slightly over 3.0 that were still accepted into these types of programs? Anyone with pre-req classes done at a community college (does it really matter)? I feel that my work experience, references and volunteering will help but then again I always hear that GPA is weighted more than anything. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks for reading.


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I know this was a while ago, but I was accepted into ISU's ABSN if you were still curious about it.