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Loyola ABSN vs Rush MSN

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Hi everyone!

I'm currently applying for both of these programs and I was just wondering if anyone has opinions on their relative merits. I know the ABSN program is a few months shorter, and probably a bit cheaper. (Though I'm finding it hard to pin down the total cost of Rush.) Does the MSN give me the ability to get any certificates or licenses other than the standard RN? Does BSN vs MSN affect hire-ability or salary in any major way? I know I will probably want an MSN eventually, I'm just not sure whether to go for it now, or wait until I've been working for a little bit. Also due to deadlines, I'm applying for Fall 2012 ABSN but Spring 2013 MSN. So I won't be getting decisions at the same time.

Anyway, just looking for thoughts/experiences from those who are in the same boat, or in either program. Thank you.


Hey there! These were the two schools that I was deciding between, so here's what I found out about them: first of all, tuition...Rush will come to about $48,000 for the program ($8,058/term x 6 terms) and loyola's tuition and fees also come to about $48,000 ($12,000/term x 4 terms). One big difference in the tuition department is that Rush does not charge fees...say what? I was totally shocked when they told me that, but I guess it's because they are a no-frills university that only concentrates on the actual learning part...what a concept. The other thing to consider is time. The MSN at Rush takes 2 years and the ABSN at Loyola takes 16 months. This is what ultimately made up my mind to go to Loyola, because at Loyola, I am able to start this August, whereas at Rush, I would have to wait until January to start, making the overall difference in finishing time a whole year. At my age, a whole year makes a big difference. However, if you are going to get your MSN eventually, you will be ahead on the core courses if you go to Rush. The MSN that you get at Rush will not get you a higher salary upon graduation. You will be an RN like everybody else, but if do go on to gaduate studies, you will be about 12 credits ahead of the game. Hope this helps!

P.S. I'm sorry for the really long paragraph, but I can't figure out how to get the paragraph breaks to show up when I post. :(

Thanks Molly! That $48,000 for Rush is surprising. I figured a Masters program would be more expensive than a BSN. Good to know about the "no fees" thing too.

I totally hear you about the time difference - being done with school in December 2013 sounds very attractive. A year does make a difference! I hadn't considered that Rush's schedule would put my graduation date at December 2014. I just finished my Loyola application, so hopefully I'll hear from them soon.

Good luck with your application!

Hi, Molly -

I spoke to Molly Burch at Rush today and she said tuition was 10,700 for the semester. Did you talk to anyone about the rates? I do see the 8,000 number on the website which led me to believe the $48,000 number.

Yeah, I got that number from the website, but at the open house, they said that tuition for the program was around $50,000, so I assumed that was up to date.

Thanks for the update Molly! I will check with Financial aid:)