OK confess , did anyone have a GPA even close to the minimum that CAMC

WAS accepting ?


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OK confess , did anyone have a GPA even close to the minimum that CAMC

WAS accepting ?

Okay, what was the minimum? I have some pretty good numbers and I just got a reject letter today...not even an interview. The letter also said they are changing the min standard to 3.0. Is this an increase or decrease? I have no clue what they're looking for anymore.


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I was accpected and am sure everbody else that was had #s well above the min. they listed.

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If a school is not going to accept a certain criteria , then DON'T POST IT.

Numbers on standardized test do NOT adequately convey the worth or ability of a given student . The whole package must be considered.

This next statement will be inflammatory, Those that had additional loads on them : families, homes, JOBS, debts , basically responsibilities... will generally not have the high allover numbers that non-burdened students will/should have.

If schools are only going to take:


1500 gre

5.0 writing etc, etc. Then POST IT AND DON'T WASTE our TIME AND MONEY.

I realize that the basically free income for the fees is nice but hey

deception and false hope are not acceptable...

Oh and buy the way in case someone thinks me bitter I am an alternate at a few.


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I haven't applied to CRNA school yet, but I understand being frustrated with GPA, GRE scores. My overall GPA is only 3.28 (science GPA 4.0), so I figure to also have some problems getting into school. I haven't taken the GRE yet.

However, I also understand that while schools post "minimum" application standards, i.e. GPA 3.0, that doesn't mean you'll be accepted with a 3.0. From what I've been reading lately, the GPA scores of applicants have been very high, and with more people applying to schools than slots, it means the lower GPA people may not get in.

Yet I wish, like you, that more schools would give more weight to the interview and the individual.

Perhaps apply to more schools, and ones that don't weight the GPA as heavily? Best of luck.

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