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Lower Columbia

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I posted under Washington nurses but thought I would try here as well. Does anyone know how many are accepted for the lpn-rn online program? Anyone here been waitlisted there? Any input at all? Thanks a lot for any help.


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I don't know if you have heard anything back but wanted to let you know what I know. I am currently a student in the LPN to RN program @ LCC. I understand there are 40 positions available, and you can do full time (takes a year) or part time(takes 1.5 years). It is a first come first served type of thing and is a fast paced trip lemme tell ya! Finished first quarter(3 classes 240,241, 242) from September12 to December12, you average 2-3 tests per week, pluspapers, posts and care plans. This is not easy. Finals are proctored so be prepared for that. Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.:nuke:

Are you currently working while a student? If so, how many hours a week do you work? And do you feel overwhelmed by the class/studies and family life?


I'm hoping to start an LPN program in Spring and than work as an LPN while finishing up the other prereq's for that particular program. Then, of course, get in to the LCC program.

Also, are you an Oregon or Washington nurse? I'm wondering if OSBN accepts grads from LCC to take the Oregon board? Or how that works.


Specializes in LTC, HH, clinic.

quilted star.

I do work full time as a home health nurse and spend probably 3-5 hours daily on my schoolwork(more on weekends as I don't work weekends). It can be overwhelming, but I ask myself: how bad do I want it? I want this. B-A-D! I still get to spend time with my daughter, just less time watching 24, Damages, and CSI than I used to(thank goodness for TIVO). As far as the OSBN, we have several nurses who are from Oregon, so I assume they intend to sit for boards in their own state, but no special or different requirements have been brought up to my knowledge. Good Luck to you.

Thanks, that's not as bad as I had imagined it would be. My imagination is usually a lot worse than reality. Thanks again for the info.


I'm interested in the LCC online program but nervous about clinicals because I live far away. Will you have to rent somewhere near LCC or do you know of anyone in your class in this situation? Basically, any info on the clinical portion would be great. Thanks!

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