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Ok so June 2nd I am taking the NET at GL Tech in Lowell. If there is anyone here who has taken the NET at this location can you please tell me if there is Geometry on the exam? And is it on paper or computers?

I understand there is no science so that is good- I am just so nervous as I guess we all are..this is the only time I can take it and if I don't pass I will lose my house in about a year....sorry rambling....

So please if anyone can answer my questions as well as provide any other information you can about the net at the Lowell Volk (GL tech) that would be so appreciated!

Thank you!!!


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I don't attend that school but I think the net is the same at every school. No geometry,but when I took it it was on paper. I hope u do super on the test. Sorry I couldn't b of more help


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Thanks Lunden for your reply... It was on paper and you were right no science.. 3 weeks to wait and even if I pass i am not guaranteed to be accepted.... Everytime i think about it I get all butterflies in my stomach! But I thank you again for your reply!

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