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Low Foundation GPA, what should I do?

by Xylialover Xylialover (New) New

Hey everyone! I applied to UAB's nursing school for the Fall 2017. I didn't get in. I mainly think it was because of my GPA which is a 2.98 now. It's bad I know but depression kicked me down. I am applying again for the Spring 2018 but I am very discouraged. I looked into other schools as well. I'm open to any suggestions.

Other Notes:

Has anyone gotten in with that low of a GPA and gotten into nursing school?

Some think I should just go to a community college.

Should I give up and just change my major?

Leave comments and tips please.

1. Try to apply to more than one school. There are private institutions that may accept a lower GPA as they can be pricey. You may come out with a lot of debt, but done the right way, you could pay it off if you budget very well.

2. Community colleges are definitely something to be looked at. By widening your search you may come across a program that will accept you or may be easier to get into. You can pursue your BSN after becoming an RN. Some employers may cover this cost. Check to see what hiring is like for ADN/ASN.

3. Can you retake any of the classes in order to boost your GPA? Some schools accept a limited number of attempts, others the highest grade, etc. I would also check into whether or not your school offers some sort of acamdeic renewal. Getting into nursing school is the first hurdle and you need to look into ways to become more competitive. This could mean working as a CNA, EMT, etc. some schools give points to people who have worked in the medical field.

4. Have you sought out help for your depression? You don't need to answer this on here or anything, but this is something you should get help for. I would hate to see you get into nursing school and then have a resurgence that hinders you there. After reading several posts on here, I have come to understand just how unforgiving these schools can be.

I do not know what kind of student you are now, but consider the fact that nursing school going to be much harder than prerequisites. If you struggled taking those courses, then really take time to reflect whether or not you can actually succeed. If you know you can, then do not give up and hun my around for a program you can get into. It may take longer, but at least you can get in. If you don't think you can, then change your major and pursue something else. If after graduating you still have the nursing itch, consider an accelerated program.

Best wishes!

Most Nursing schools are strict on the GPA requirements and I haven't seen anyone get past them but by taking additional courses or retaking some classes you should be able to bring it up. Community colleges are definitely a great idea because typically they have lower requirements.

Thank you so much! I will consider all of this.