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low ball offer?

by travelicurn travelicurn (New) New

I am a first time traveler starting an icu assignment in fort worth soon. My quoted take home pay per week is $1124. This is for an icu float position and includes housing stipends and meals. Ive never worked in Texas before but this seems low. What can I do to increase my pay with this job? I tried telling my agent it's too low. She threw in $1000 car allowance (instead of giving me a $1000 end assignment bonus since it's taxed at a lower rate??).

i have another agent that's saying she wants to submit me for a dallas icu job that pays $1700/week and another quoting $1370/week...but I have already given a verbal agreement for low ball offer d/t hastiness (and the fact they got me the job before I got my texas temporary license). What is the going rate for fort worth for a travel icu rn??

Well, you have three offers. Try plugging them all into PanTravelers calculator to compare them. Take home pay versus taxable pay versus non-taxed compensation gets confusing until you examine them on a level playing field. The calculator will help you gather all the relevant information as well, it is unlikely that you know the full details now.

On another note, don't ever verbally accept an assignment until you see the contract. Say rather that you are very interested pending compensation and contract details. In this case, you are still negotiating pay. I don't see how that represents acceptance.

Verbal offer doesn't count until you sign on the dotted line. Simply tell them I was offered a similar position for a much higher rate. Either they'll match it or you take the other job (if you were interested in it besides just the great pay). Don't feel bad about "going back on your word". Recruiters aren't the most honest people and they're not working for you, they're working for their company. So you have to look out for you more than anyone else and accepting a better offer is doing just that.

Verbal agreement? You didn't sign so it doesn't count.

I never went to TX but had went through the hoops of getting licensed there and almost took an assignment. Take home pay "averages" 1300-1450...maybe a little more for ICU. The pay can vary greatly depending on the city. I certainly wouldn't do the 1100$ assignment. that's way too low for a traveler in ANY city no matter what. I don't look at anything that isn't 1200/week take home...and even that is pushing it.