Love hospice job but I miss my 3 12's

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Hi guys! I started a hospice job (home hospice) back in July. I love the work, but miss my days off that I had when I worked in the hospital working 3 12's. I am a case manager nurse with a hospice company which is booming. I have considered going to my boss & telling her that I miss my old schedule & asking if she ever has a prn job available would she switch me to it. Do you think I could support myself on a prn position? We are a booming company so I feel the work is there. Secondly, if she says there are no prn positions available, I am scared that she would think of me differently & may even want to fire me for voicing this concern. Would greatly appreciate you guys' advice! Thank you!

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Hmm - it would be a gamble, that's for sure.

Patients don't really have options when it comes to acute care, so that business is continuous but Both Home Care & Hospice are episodic in nature - service is pretty much time limited, and purely dependent on patient choices and available funding. They are also operating on a much lower profit margin than acute care. Things could change pretty fast if a couple of physicians switch referral patterns, or patients choose to go with another provider. Maybe you could sweeten the deal by offering to cover more than your 'fair share' of on call - which can be a real challenge with hospice.

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