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Hello everyone, I'll be starting Charity in January and was wondering what books should I buy and which ones not to? I'm asking because I heard they give you a long list of books that you hardly... Read More

  1. by   csn2
    at brittemmons,
    the nurse pack comes with all the stuff you need for your labs the first weeks of class. they had two wound care kits and gauze for the wound care lab. then they had some vials of sodium for your medication administration lab. i didn't think there was much in there for the price but you need it cause you will use everything in there.

    at 2more years,
    my first semester is going good. it is tough like everyone says but not so tough that you can’t get through it. just keep your eyes on the prize. definitely keep up with your studying cause its really easy to fall behind but if you’re a good student and study what you need to it’s actually not that bad. i’m doing my clinicals at ochsner in kenner.
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  2. by   brittemmons

    Thanks so much!! You are saving us tons of money, which is tight right now... How do you like Ochsner in Kenner??


    I am not in classes this semester because I finished all of my prereqs. i also didnt take anything else because it wouldn't be worth the commute!
  3. by   chrstne
    Hey everyone!
    I know this is kinda off topic, but I can't find anything else that's recent. If y'all don't mind, I was wondering if you can tell me what kind of GPA and TEAS scores you had in order to get accepted to Charity. I don't know anyone associated with Charity, so I have no idea what to even shoot for.

    I applied for next fall and I'm just wondering if I'm anywhere near where I should be, in order to even be considered.
    I appreciate any info that you can give me and if you don't want to share you scores, no hard feelings.
  4. by   2moreyears
    I don’t mind sharing what I had! I had a 3.4 Gpa when I applied and a 76 on the teas score. I think my profile score was 60 if I’m not mistaken, but I think it depends on how many people apply and what the range of profile scores that they are using.
    Also, you can go to Dcc.edu and click on Charity school of nursing link and there u will find a copy of the profile sheet that they use. Hopes this helps!! Let me know if you have any other questions.
  5. by   chrstne
    2moreyears, thanks a lot!
  6. by   brittemmons

    I got an 83 on the TEAS and had a 3.8 charity/ prereq gpa. HOWEVER....... I had taken lots of classes in the past when i was not a serious student that kept my overall GPA very low. My point is, that it is okay if you have messed up in the past. I was so scared that someone would look at my old transcript and rule me out completely. They really mean that as long as you at least have a 2.0 overall, you are still in the game. I just had to do well in other places. It is very beneficial to go to the dcc website and print out a profile sheet to judge yourself by. This way, you know where you stand and what they are looking for. Also, you get points if you don't drop certain classes. I filled mine out and had an accurate idea of what i needed to get on the TEAS. Good Luck, and if you have more questions DO NOT HESITATE!!!!
  7. by   beejaycee
    Quote from brittemmons
    Thanks!! it really does! Another question- what comes in the nursing pack that you get at the bookstore?
    The most important thing in the nursing pack is (are?) 2 sterile wound care kits. You won't need any of this until a couple of weeks into the semester, if I remember correctly.
  8. by   su9032
    Hi 2moreyears,

    I just saw that you wrote me back. I did my clinicals for Basics at Oschner in Kenner. I chose that site because I wanted one of the teachers that was there. I didn't really like clinicals because I was aways super anxious, but my teacher was good. You don't actually start clinicals till around the 7th week because you have to learn some basic skills first. We basically had one patient each week and did physical assessments, vital signs, meds and morning care (bed bath, hygiene, and bedmaking - sometimes w/ the patient in the bed). Then you have all the "fun" paperwork and charting. Fortunately, clinicals are every other week so you have breaks where you will have extra time to study.

    The biggest thing is that you need to keep up from the start. Nursing school is a lifestyle. Try to study a couple of hours everyday or more if you have time (not sure if you have kids). I basically goto class, eat lunch, study from like 1-3, workout for 50 minutes, then pick up my son and I take care of him and goto bed. On days that I don't have class, I study from 9 - 2:45, exercise, pick-up my son, etc. Then on Saturdays, I study from 10 to 3 or 4, then workout. Sundays, I may get a couple of hours in, but I have my son all day so its hard to get much done. I try to goto bed by 9 because my son wakes up at 6am sharp and I cant function without sleep. I consider what I do the minimum. Most people study more--especially if they dont work or have kids. I make exercise a big priority because it really helps me feel energized and also because as students we have to take care of ourselves. You'll also learn how important it is to exercise in terms of your health and for preventive purposes.

    Good Luck!
  9. by   neworleans0384
    this is a bit off topic, but im trying to get into charity for fall 2011. my profile score is at 50. what was your scores and what was the cutoff at for the spring 2011?
  10. by   su9032
    I get my nurse paks at Chimes. If you haven't already purchased your uniform, I would suggest Elgee Uniforms on Tulane. They also have all the supplies and give students a discount. They also have a wide selection of lab coats.