those who applied for spring 08

  1. i would like to keep in touch with those who applied and will receive acceptance letters for stud groups and a lot of moral support during school. i hear it will be tough and but rewarding. just trying to keep uo with those of you who will be in the same boat with me. good luck to everyone on this track to success
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  3. by   sxyshan
    Which school did you apply to? I applied to Charity for the Fall 2007 semester but I didn't take the Pax exam until October 2006 after I submitted my application in August. So technically, the woman I spoke to in admissions said that my application would be considered for the Spring 2008 semester. I also applied to OLOLC for the Fall 2007 semester as well. I hope I get accepted. The wait is killing me though...especially reading about those who have already recieved acceptance letters for Fall 2007 at Charity!!!!
  4. by   hs2005
    Shan504- Did you apply to the accelerated OLOLC nursing program in New Orleans? I have applied to that program for the Fall 2007.
  5. by   prenursestu
    i applied to the charity program for spring 08, hope to see all of u there
  6. by   sxyshan
    hs2005- Yes I applied to the Accelerated ASN program in New Orleans at OLOLC for the Fall 2007 semester and Charity for the Fall 2007/Spring 2008 semester. Good luck to us all!!!
  7. by   anorma
    Is ololc our lady of the lake??? I wanted t look into that school too. How would I go about applying for them to? Is it the same requirements as charity's? When did yall take your pax test? I took mine od dec 16th and my scores have still not come in yet. I am sooo nervous.Please let me know about the requirements for ololc I am really interested.
  8. by   sxyshan
    Anorma-Yes OLOLC is Our lady of the lake but its the Accelerated ASN program which is located in New Orleans. The main requirement is that you have a four year degree. Then there are other pre-requisites which you must have completed before entering the program. They do not require the pax exam or any other pre-admissions exam. If you're gonna apply for the Fall 2007 semester Hurry!!! The deadline is January 15, 2007. They only accept 50 students once a year in the Fall. I was told by an admissions rep that it is very competitive. That they go through 250-300 applications. Also, if you don't get accepted, there is no waiting list. You have to keep reapplying. Log on to their website to get some information. Our Lady of the Lake College

    I took my pax in October 2006. My scores actually took less than two weeks to come in...I was surprised! Just hang in there
  9. by   mailbydani
    I applied for the spring of 08 also. I took my pax test in Sept and submitted my app. but it was too late also. I can't believe that calls were made for the fall of 07 this soon. That is unusual. Well, I am very inpatient with all this waiting.

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