Stupid Act Scores!!!!!!

  1. Would ya'll happen to know why it doesn't matter if you have ACT scores within the past 3 years at Nicholls and it does at Delgado. Is it different with Universities and Community Colleges. :angryfire UHHHHH I'm so mad. I went ride to CSN yesterday and got an info packet and it said I need ACT scores within the past 3 years. They are 4 years old. I actually thought I might have had a chance with the Spring 08 class but I guess I will have to wait until Fall 08 if I have to retake the ACT. I had everything on the list except ACT scores. Is there any way they let you slide or no way (like if you've attended a college since taking the test)??? I don't even know how to apply to take the test. I'm sorry I'm basically ranting.

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  3. by   I want to be a nurse
    OMG I'm so excited again. I think I found out about the ACT. I went on Delgado's Website and it says First Time entering Freshman should have an ACT score within the last three years. So that should go for CSN also, Right??? I am a sophomore. I want to call the Nursing Admissions, but I can't really find the number right now.

  4. by   savanna0511
    I think its only for 1st time freshmen. The admissions number is 5045686484
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    Thank You

  6. by   I want to be a nurse
    OMG OMG OMG I just called and it is only First time freshmen that need ACT scores within the last 3 years. YYYAAAYYYY. So it looks like I will be able to apply for spring 08. I'm soooo happy!!!


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