So depressed, what to do?? :(

  1. So I am in my senior year at LSU. I recently decided to make the commitment to nursing. I originally applied to the LSU BSN program in New Orleans with the chance of being accepted. However as time goes by, I worry that my chances aren't that good. My Hesi exam was 80.5%. However my prereq gpa is only at a 3.0. I had gotten a C in Bio, a C in micro, and a C in microlab. I've been looking at other school as well to see where I can apply as well, but a lot of schools require more courses which would lead to another year of fulfilling prerequisites and I'm still not a competitive applicant...some schools require a 3.5 prereq gpa. I have a measly 2.56 cumulative gpa in a science major. What can I do? What are my options?
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  3. by   KristenNola
    Actually, your stats don't sound that bad. An 80 on your HESI and a 3.0 pre-req GPA is good. Have you applied to LSU BSN program yet? They will also grade you on an essay and an interview as well so if you do well those that will bump up your chances. Also have you looked at Charity's program? I know it's only for an associate degree but after you can do a bridge program at LSU to get your BSN. The bridge program meets on Saturdays for once a month for a year. During that time you can work so financially it might be easier. You can also try the LPN program and then transition to an RN program.