1. Does anyone know the cost to attend a vocational school not affiliated with a community college i have to take the tabe test that cost$50 but was wondering about tuition apposed to a community college because they dont offer full grants or financial aid only a portion.
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  3. by   fiyaredchick
    i attend a ltc and the tuition is like 500? but if you qualify for the pell grant they give you the full pell.
  4. by   kelbert82
    I thought it would be more than that its for lpn school i just paid $575 for cna course there but i want to attend the lpn `16 month course and they said only half of the cost is usually covered by the grant
  5. by   fiyaredchick
    its like 500 a semester and it usually is 4 semesters the lpn program. what ltc are you looking at attending?
  6. by   kelbert82
    I actually found ut this one cost around 13k i dont think i am going to attend this one and look into the community college i am alraedy at i am just double guessing myself because i cant get into rn school until end of 2010 and the lpn course is only 14 months at this same college and dont think my finacial situation can wait until 3 years to make descent money so i am trying to consider weither or not i should ge my lpn first then go back for rn after i am working at a hospital ?
  7. by   fiyaredchick
    what is the name of the school with the 14th month program?
  8. by   kelbert82
    Delgado Community college in new orleans i am attending there alreadly for pre reqs for rn proogram. I alreadly have th epre reqs for lpn program so i think i am going to apply for summer entrance
  9. by   fiyaredchick
    well good luck!
  10. by   kelbert82
    Thanks you too
  11. by   CHATSDALE
    i think that 13k is pretty stiff...state run schools are not that expensive and some or most of the costs will be covered by loans, grants and scholarships
    is it possible for you to relocate at least temporarily
    the schools in lafayette, alexandria come with very good reccommendations and a high nclex pass rate
    if you cannot get into an rn school for a couple of more years, an lpn license will give you a lot of experience and an income while you are in school
    good luck
  12. by   kelbert82
    I wish i could relocate for a while but its impossible i have two small children and all my family is here in new orleans i think my path for rn will happen i am applying for the 2010 spring semester to see if i can get in and make my descion from there about lpn school i should get a reply by the summer of 09 i did my first clinical today at a nursing home for my cna course wow was that an eye opener those people do not get the best treatment they deserve. I think i will stick with children in my nursing career. My heart cant take seeing those people like that every day.