1. any advice on how to survive PCN at Charity?
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  3. by   rhyanlsmom
    Quote from kubana87
    any advice on how to survive PCN at Charity?
    Hey kubana87,

    Sorry to derail the thread but I have a few questions for you. Assuming that you are a Level 3 at Charity, I would like to know the in's and out's of NAC I. I will be a Level 2 in the fall and I am looking forward to getting a head start. Can you also inform me of what books I should purchase. I purchased all of the books in Basics and used less than half of them. Thanks so much for your time. Sorry again for derailing your PCN thread, lol.
  4. by   kubana87
    Hi buying the med surg book is a most you have to read that and also the Saunders nclex book it's great. Definetely read whatever they recommend. Know your AbC ect most of the questions on the exam are related to that specially the first exam.
  5. by   rhyanlsmom
    Thanks for the info. Good luck this semester!
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    The PCN Blackboard site is up.

    Yay! Back to School.
  7. by   kubana87
    Oh nooooo lol am so not excited this is gonna be a tough semester I want to cry already just thinking about exams lol