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Has anyone heard anything about the accelerated program at EJ for the Fall 2009 class? I was wondering when they send out letters, even interview letters? Good luck to everyone!!... Read More

  1. by   kitti419
    It's very considerate of you to post this to EJ hopefuls. I remember what I went through just wondering what it would all be like and trying to prepare for it. I'm in that program now, too, and just finished Pharm. I agree with all what you just posted.
    There are students in our class who work, have small kids, or both. It's all about time management. There is enough time to get a handle on the basic fundamentals, but you really have to be devoted to it and be prepared to be stressed out! If you're really considering going or have already applied, get the Pharm book now and start reading. You'll be glad you did.
  2. by   beary521
    Thankyou kilroy and kitti419 for your posts. I'm starting in January and am so glad to get your advice!
  3. by   mell260
    Were letters of reference required for the OLOL program?
  4. by   noladancer
    Yes, three letters of reference were required. You'll want to check their application to make sure that is still the case but I can't imagine that it's changed. if the process is still like it was last winder, you go into the online application (https://www.applyweb.com/apply/ololc/indexa.html) and it tells you everything you need to submit. You can (and should) start the application and then save it, then come back to it and finish it as you get further along in the process.
  5. by   mell260
    I filled out the application for the college and paid the $35. That was just a 2 page form. I'm guessing the application of the program itself comes once I get accepted to the school??

    Thanks for the info!!
  6. by   noladancer
    The application we will filled out was called the "Application for Admission Professional Clinical Programs." If that was not the application you filled out, you need to call the school admissions office and ask them what to do.

    In addition to the usual info requested on application, the application we (those of us who are currently students in the accelerated program) filled out asked for prior health care experience, 3 references, and a personal statement that had to address 5 specific things.
  7. by   kilroy was here...
    Hi mell260,

    As stated below, the application is online and titled "Application for Admission Professional Clinical Programs". I'm looking at mine right now and it was completed/submitted online, and the printed copy I retained was four pages long...but I think that varies depending on the length of the personal statement you give. The recommendation forms (used by your references) should be online as well, and go ahead and send a copy of your transcripts now, even if you're still completing prereqs.

    Then...the most important part of the process...wait, wait, wait...with little/no feedback from OLOL. I think other students would agree that OLOL is not a well-oiled machine, and they apparently missed the memo on "customer service" (if they were a for-profit corporation, I wonder how long they would remain in business). While the admission staff in BR is pleasant (when you can reach them), they are very slow/indifferent to respond. You will get even less info from the program rep here in N.O. I applied online late February, and didn't receive any info/status update/reply until early June, when I recieved an acceptance letter. There was no interview process, so no opportunity to get my questions answered. Admission decisions were made strictly from the ap/transcripts/rec forms. Orientation was in early August. My only source for proactive info during that time was this forum.

    FYI, our class was required to take the TEAS/Critical Thinking between orientation and the start of the program. They didn't use the scores against us...apparently they wanted a benchmark to determine who might have problems, etc. They also didn't want us to study for TEAS, but if you poke around online, you can find a few free sites that offer questions, etc. in TEAS format, just to allieviate any anxiety you might have about going in cold. I recall some chatter about TEAS becoming an admission requirement at some future point.

    I will continue to post throughout the program, in an effort to be helpful to other prospective students who may be in the dark as I was (and still am).
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  9. by   myra985
    Hey everyone, how is the program going at EJ? You will soon be finished. Would you please share your input about what to expect, days, time, clinicals.? much appreciated.
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