OLOL Accelerated Nursing Degree Program at Tulane

  1. Has anyone received either an acceptance or rejection letter from the Accelerated Nursing Degree Program at OLOL College - Tulane Campus for the Fall 2008 program?
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  3. by   makeda8
    I too have applied and haven't received any information form them either. The only thing I got was a letter stating that I was missing 2 classes that I am currently completing.
  4. by   sailboat07

    Thank you for responding. I too received that letter. I am still anxiously awaiting to hear from them soon!
  5. by   makeda8
    I received an interview letter today so now I have to call and schedule the interview.
  6. by   dsoginer
    For those who receive an interview letter congratulations you are halfway there. The interview is not difficult but I bought a book called 1001 interview questions (something like that) and they used some of the same questions in the interview. It helped that I had already thought through the answers. Also show them confidence in your abilities, smile and take a deep breath when you sit down and let your shoulders relax. Dress nicely. Good luck
  7. by   sailboat07

    Congratulations on making it to the next stage of being admitted to the program! Is there a specific timeframe that they're scheduling interviews for? As soon as I read your post I went to the mailbox - and still nothing! I am so nervous right now!


    I take it that you have been through this process. A month ago I received a letter from the admissions dept. that included a list of all of the prerequisite courses that needed to be completed before entering the program - which I have all of them completed. I was wondering if this was a sign that I will be receiving a letter for an interview for possible admission or do they send this to all applicants? I am just really curious to know if I will be getting a letter for an interview. I believe that I have a really good chance. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  8. by   dsoginer
    I really cannot answer that question. I do remember how nerve racking it was waiting for that letter. I recieved my letter later than others and I was sure I was not chosen. There were a lot of people that applied and did not get called for an interview; so I cannot say what they look for.
    Call the school if you would like. I believe that will show how much you want it. Of course, don't drive them crazy calling, but once or twice during the waiting period will not hurt.

    I am finishing up the program and will finish May 4.
  9. by   sailboat07

    Yes, this whole waiting phase has been driving me crazy! I am just so curious to know so that I can mentally prepare myself for the program if I am accepted.

    Congratulations on completing the program in May! I know that you must be excited! Any advise going into the program would be greatly appreciated.
  10. by   makeda8
    I called and they are holding interviews starting March 31 on MWFs in the morning. They are conducting them all the way to the end of April I believe. They sent 80 interview letters out so there is a very good chance that yours just hasn't arrived sailboat07. I know all this waiting is driving you crazy! This whole process is an emotional roller coaster, but one worth riding.

    Thanks for the tip about the interview questions. I will pick that up this weekend. Your advice is greatly appreciated.
  11. by   dsoginer

    Here I go again, but the one most important activity you can do to prepare yourself is to get a book on Nursing Pharmacology and start studying. There is a blog from a person that just flunked out of the W.Jeff program due to Pharm. It is the 1st class, and is used to weed out those not prepared. We lost around 8 people at the Tulane Program and I understand that the W. Jeff program lost more. The teacher is wonderful, but the test will literally put you in shock. Learn the basics. Learn what sympathetic and parasympathetic systems are, learn about Cox 1 & 2, learn about thyroid and cardio drugs; not the drugs themselves but what they do and how they work. I am going to download a bunch of notes from that class and will send them to anyone who wants them. BUT START STUDYING. If you flunk out of Pharm, you may have to pay back some money to OLOL, and you will have one strike against you and will find it almost impossible to get into another RN school. Most of the people that flunked out are getting their LPN then will do the bridge.
  12. by   dsoginer
    Ok I have all the notes for Pharm downloaded onto Word and will send them to anyone who wants them. Remember that this is not all that is needed but if you go into the class familiar with the info I am sending you will have an advantage. You will notice that the last set of notes are in question form. You will learn that to study you need to make questions of the information given to you in class. It will give you much better grades then just learning the information.

    Send me your email in a private message and I will send you the notes,, warning it is a lot of info
  13. by   Webber21
    hey i am a pre nursing/ sociology student who will be applying next year. I really want to get a handle on things. If you could send me your pharm notes I would REALLY appreciate it. Is there any advice that you could give me on the accelerated programs offered- Tulane, LSU, charity?
  14. by   dsoginer
    I am not sure if Charity has an accelerated program, and I do not know anything about LSU. (anyone??) but OLOL has the Tulane, East Jeff and West Jeff programs. You need a BS first then the program is 9 mths long, very tough, but doable. At clinicals today my nurse was a graduate of last years Tulane program. If you search for OLOL info on here, all kinds of stuff will come up and answer every question you have about OLOL.
    Also if you want the Pharm notes send me a private message (click on my name) and give me an email address.

    Good Luck