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  1. hey guys...I'll be graduating in Dec and relocating to New far in my job hunt I've been disappointed on a couple of fronts...I was under the impression that NO would really be hurting for nurses right now...that does not seem to be the case...the little town I'm going to school in actually seems to need nurses more and is offering nice sign on bonuses. Second, it seems no hospital wants to take new grad into their ER...the ER rotation during school was the only rotation I truly the prospect of spending a year or so in an area that truly doesn't interest me is kind of knocking the wind out of my sails.....any info, advice?
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  3. by   BBQvegan
    Thanks for asking. I'd like to know too. I am thinking of moving to New Orleans after I graduate in May, and I am curious about the area hospitals. I want to work in oncology or hematology.
  4. by   cpkRN
    Check out Ochsner. I don't know how they work as far as formal hiring goes (I am still a student); however, a friend of mine was hired as a new grad in the NICU at their largest facility. I am only guessing that if they hire new grads into one specialty area they may hire into others. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Another friend was hired directly into the ER at Touro - that might be another place to look into. Again, this may have changed - both people I speak of have been practicing for about 3 years.

    I am not sure about pay as I don't exactly want to pry my friends for their salary info .

    Don't forget to search in suburban areas like Kenner or Metairie!
  5. by   bigoso
    thanks for the responses guys and girls...I've had phone interviews with Ochsner and Tulane...applied to West Jeff and East Jeff as well...we'll see what happens. Starting to wrap my head around the idea that I may have to do a year or so in Med-Surg or Telemetry before I'm able to transfer to ER

    cresenctcitygrrl- I got your pm...but I couldn't figure out how to respond
  6. by   bigoso
    decided to go with tulane

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