Moving to New Orleans

  1. I am currently living in Australia with my husband and daughter while he goes to Med school. We will be relocating to New Orleans late next year. I have 2.5 years experience in Med/Surg nursing and I will be starting some PRN agency work in Australia as soon as I get my license. I have a couple questions about the move.

    1. My AZ license will expire mid 2015 (before we move to LA). Would it benefit me to renew my AZ license? Or should I let it expire and apply for my license in LA when we get there? Presumably I will have an Australia nursing license in the meantime.

    2. My ideal unit would be to get into the NICU. What are the chances of an opening for an unexperienced RN? Do they have academies occasionally? Where would be the best place to look for such openings?

    3. My alternative would be to do agency work in Med/Surg. Is there a good nursing agency in the New Orleans area? What are pay rates like in this area?

    4. My husband will be doing clinicals in various places, but around Jefferson city. Does anyone have any insight as to good neighborhoods with rentals that would allow three dogs (one that is 40lbs, the other two are <15lbs.)

    Thanks for any/all help!
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  3. by   Jayjormom
    I can't help you on any nursing questions but I can on housing. I would look in Metairie, Elmwood, and River Ridge. Neighborhoods are nicer and crime is lower. New Orleans has a VERY high crime rate. If you want to Live in New Orleans, Uptown is really nice. Pricey though. Hope this gives you a little help. Good luck
  4. by   ShauntayMalkind
    Thank you, I'll check out those areas!