LSU BSN Fall 2012 applicants

  1. I thought I would start a thread for those of you applying or have already applied for Fall 2012 for the BSN program at LSU. We can freak out together and perhaps share tidbits of informative information along the way!! Best of Luck Ya"ll
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  3. by   mgsmgsmgs
    I have applied for Fall 2012 myself. I am pretty anxious/nervous...!!
  4. by   Mimin_5o4
    I have applied also!! so nervous... because I turned my app in friday jan 13... and i thought it had said that as long as it is post marked no later than jan 15 it would be ok... then i said that it had to be in the office of student affairs by jan 15... but jan 15 is a SUNDAY= no mail....i emailed them but idk.... =/
  5. by   lsutigermmm
    I thought about mailing my final transcript, but once I saw on the website that they were due IN the office by Jan. 15 I decided to hand it in. Also I called to make sure that everything else was turned in and I never got a call back, so when I went to turn in my transcript the lady told me that everything was turned in and I was good to go. I just want to know when everyone gets a call for their interview so keep the forum updated!
  6. by   Mimin_5o4
    I emailed them and they said if it comes in j17 it's acceptable. Batonrouge and new Orleans isn't that far. Ahhh. Please post something if any of you got a phone call for the interview!
  7. by   mgsmgsmgs
    Does anybody know when we will find out if we got an interview??
  8. by   lsutigermmm
    I looked on the LSU BSN thread around this time last year they recieved calls between 1.31.11 & 2.10.11 so hopefully soon!
  9. by   Sydlie
    I sent my packet in around the middle of December & I've been biting my nails ever since. I'm terrified that I may have forgotten one tiny detail that will mean I have to wait to start in the Spring- I can't remember the last time I was so anxious about something!

    Hope we all get interview calls soon! And just to add onto what lsutigermmm said, I've been stalking the forum here for last year's information, too, and it looks like after interviews, the first week in April is the next time we'll be waiting for as that seems to be when people get their letters.

    Good luck!
  10. by   lsutigermmm
    Just saw on facebook, you know how it shows when one of your fb friends likes a status even though their not your friend? Well someone liked this girls status saying she got an interview for LSUHSC Nursing School, I was hoping I would be in the first batch of people they called since I turned in my application packet WAY early. Just giving yall a heads up. Im pretty sure she said her interview is on 2/11/12. FINGERS CROSSED! I hope we all get our calls soon, I hate waiting I just want to get it over with lol
  11. by   lsutigermmm
    So I spoke too soon. About 10 minutes after I posted this I got a call. My interview is on 2.11.12 for 11:00 am. Good Luck to everyone I hope yall get a call soon!
  12. by   mgsmgsmgs
    Do you think I'll get a call if I haven't by now. This freaks me out!!
  13. by   amber92292
    I got my call yesterday about interviewing Feb 11...I picked 12pm as my time! I was sooo not expecting the call and freaked out and didn't know what to say! I'm so nervous now! What are they going to ask me? What am I going to wear? Ahhhh it's only a week away!!
  14. by   lsutigermmm
    I defenitly think you'll still get a call, it's still pretty early! And amber92292 I feel the same way, I'll probably go shopping tomorrow. What's everyone else thinking of wearing. I was thinking of a simple modest dress with heels and a cardigan if it's cold.