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  1. I am an lpn that has been out of nursing about 4 years. I need a refresher course to keep my license, but I do have 10 years hospital experience. had a surgery and did some assisted living work, pre Katrina. I've been working with my husband for two years with his home building business but I miss nursing very much. I need a refresher class to re gain my license. Can anyone tell me where any classes are?
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    I'm sorry, this is rather long, but I want to help. I know how frustrating it is! Also a heads up if you want to work in a hospital setting-BLS and IV therapy certification are required.
    There are 2 ways to go about this-

    I called EVERY Voc-Tech, Community College, and Private Tech School (Delta, etc) within a 50 mile radius of Slidell and searched Google until my fingers were sore and I couldn't think of any more variations of "licensed practical nurse refresher course" slidell LA!!
    I finally called the LPNE Board and literally Begged the question: What else can I do? Well.....the lady said, let me call you back, and I thought, "yeah, I'll probably hear from her on the 32nd of Neverary" BUT, to my surprise, she called me back about an hour later and asked me if I had done any volunteer work or "provided care" for friends, relatives, ANYBODY. --Well, it just so happens that I was SO busy caring for my aged parents, my mother with a CVA, and my father (too many problems to even list) both total care, my daughter, my son-diagnosed with CF and MR since 2yo, now 20, my husband, and the fact that I was the neighborhood nurse after Katrina--I had literally put all my bills on autopay and my life on hold for five years because I didn't even have time to go through my mail!! I didn't even THINK about renewing my license, because the renewal was never seen.
    She said send documentation.

    I don't think she expected a 13 page, 8 year condensed "Nurse's Notes" with names, dates, Dx, Tx, meds, and care plans with rationale that I wrote for each family member.
    My family came back 2 days after Katrina, so I stayed busy for a few weeks with victims of the aftermath. I listed the approximate dates and types of injuries/problems encountered and the nursing diagnosis/tx/follow-up that was done. I also sent a pic of my Driver's license, my Diploma, my original "Boards" score in 1979, my birth certificate and marriage certificate. I received my renewal form in the mail 2 days later.

    The second way to do this is MUCH more difficult---RN proctoring. Since this is usually done in a SNF or LTC setting, I seriously doubt that any RN will have the time to shadow you and then fill out the mountain of documentation that has to be completed in order for you to "pass" and tend to her duties as well. I did, in fact, call around to some LTCs, and they all but told me to forget it-call the Voc-Techs for a refresher. Good luck, CLICK.

    I am reviewing nursing procedures for various dx, pharmacology, lab norms, tests, etc. my own refresher course!!
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    You can find an on-line LPN refresher that meets Wisconsins requirements here: www.swtc.edu.
    Good luck!