Louisiana College Nursing Program's NCLEX pass rates= 60%

  1. Whatever you do, don't go to LC.

    Louisiana College's nursing program is placed on CONDITIONAL approval due to POOR NCLEX PASS SCORES (60%) and lack of qualified teachers. THE LOWEST SCORES in the STATE and way below national average.

    I graduated from the program in May 2009. It was a waste of time, effort, and money. LC is really, really expensive.

    You will also be required on top of your heavy workload to attend REQUIRED chapel sessions and get cultural credits. This is really hard to handle during nursing school.

    http://www.lsbn.state.la.us/document...Spring2010.pdf <-This is the louisiana state board of nursing's annual publishment. It has the NCLEX pass rates from may 2009 grads for ALL schools. Note LC is in the bottom.
    The program also had a major alleged cheating controversy last Spring in regard to classes.

    I'm begging you and warning you at the same time. If the program doesn't improve, it will lose accreditation. Your degree will be worth nothing.

    So, DONT GO TO LC!!! Please! I regret it so much
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  3. by   Terika9

    I am just beginning the accelerated nursing program at LC. I was wondering did you have any feedback on some of the courses. Could you please send me a private message?
  4. by   JackieBRCC
    Thank you for posting this, and the link. Helpful information. So sorry you had such a bad experience. What are you doing now?
  5. by   Bott
    Yeah, sorry you had problems when you were there but things have changed since then. I graduated from LC in summer 2010 and a bunch of people in our class passed NCLEX after only taking 75 questions - and some of them were not the top students in the program. I heard that the latest group getting ready to graduate had really high scores on the HESI exam - a lot of them scored over 1000 and the national pass mark is set at 850. So things are getting a lot better in the nursing program.
  6. by   Bott
    Hi - just an update. A friend from the December 2010 graduating class just called me to tell me that she passed the NCLEX exam after taking the minimum of 75 questions. She is delighted because she was not all that strong a student - about the middle of the class. She told me that she talked to 2 other graduates from the the same class who also passed the NCLEX this week after taking just 75 questions. They must be doing something right over at LC - it is getting to be come known as the place to go if you want to pass NCLEX with the minimum number of test questions!
  7. by   Bott
    Me again. According to a report in The Town Talk (the local newspaper) last week, the first group of accelerated students that graduated in December 2010 passed the NCLEX with a 100% pass rate. There were 17 students that graduated and over half of them passed the NCLEX with the minimum of 75 questions. Looks like they got it right for that program!
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  8. by   canursehopeful
    Bott- I am applying to LC this year. Do you remember if you could take your senior skills class in Postpartum care?

    How is the program in general? I am from Northern California and I am excited at the idea of moving to the south. How are the clinicals and the lectures?
  9. by   Bott
    Hi - as I remember it, the senior clinical were preceptored clinicals focused on "Leadership," getting you used to working as a RN. I enjoyed my leadership clinical and I expect you can request to take them in any area you like. There are two local teaching hospitals that are very good. The leadership classes also concentrated on answering delegation and prioritization questions that play a big part in you passing the NCLEX exam. The classes must be working because I heard that the second class of ABSN who graduated in December 2011 did even better than the first group. I heard that they all passed the NCLEX at the first attempt and only a couple of them took more than the basic 75 questions to pass (someone at work had read it on the LC website). So they must be doing something right now - I felt well prepared for the NCLEX. The program is hard, but I expected that. The teachers were very friendly and prepared us very well. Clinicals can be a bit mixed - depends on where you go but generally the locations selected for you are good.

    I hope you enjoy being down here in Cajun territory - folks are friendly and the food is great. I know there have been a couple of students recently from California attending LC nursing school - maybe 2 girls and a guy?
  10. by   canursehopeful
    Wow Thank you for the information Bott! I am working on my application right now. Did you live in Pineville during the program or another city. I am excited at the prospect of living down south. How is the job market in Louisiana? Are you working yet?
  11. by   Bott
    Yes, I lived in Pineville. Students on the ABSN program usually rent together after getting to know one another and forming a group that can share the rental costs. There are plenty of places available. The job market in Louisiana is good because there is a shortage of nurses. We were chased by the local hospitals to work for them because they are very eager to recruit graduates from the program to work for them, so all of our class had jobs before we graduated.
  12. by   canursehopeful
    How did the interview go? Did you interview in person or by the phone? I have been looking and there seem to be some nice places to live in Pineville and Alexandria. That is great to know about the job market! Thank you for your help!
  13. by   medinao
    So I just got accepted to LC accelerated BSN program yesterday. I got a phone interview and was accepted instantly. I am exccited. I read the website and they have a tremendous NCLEX pass rate. I hope to gain as mich experience as I can. I am going to be moving to a foreign area and i am kind of nervous about that. Any advice???
  14. by   canursehopeful
    Medinao I just got accepted yesterday too! Are you accepting their offer? I am super nervous to move too... I am from CA so it will be a big change but I am looking forward to it!

    Bott- Do you have any insight on the Nursing 210 class and skills test. Also, what should we expect our first term?